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Welcome to Worth Doing Worth Dulux

Worth Doing Worth Dulux, based in Sydney, is painting the world in colours that make a difference since 2001. With each brush’s stroke, we add colours brimming with our passion, belief in quality and integrity. Our 20 years legacy of providing the best customer service and experience still stands to this day. Every satisfied customer is a precious asset to Worth Doing Worth Dulux because we take the utmost pride in our customer satisfaction value.

Our team of passionate professionals are the most treasured with their exceptional skills and understanding of colour art. We highly value professionalism and respect within our customer interactions. Over the 20 years, Worth Doing Worth Dulux has mastered paints’ art, providing quality services in commercial, industrial, and residential areas.

In a room of a double-storey house, located in the heart of Sydney, our story started. Someone’s mind-blogging passion for vibrant pigments gradually turned into an obsession, and then the a-ha moment came when someone realised that the passion confined within the room walls is not enough anymore. The day came when someone, Izac Miller, launched his own painting brand in Sydney with a mission of painting the world in colours that matters.

Miller’s journey did not stop at the brand’s launch; instead transformed into an expedition of Worth Doing Worth Dulux. We have now grown into an esteemed company, delivering services with five years of guarantee. Worth Doing Worth Dulux is fully insured and caters to all the customer needs.

We’re painters with exquisite skills and knowledge. We understand how each hand movement, brushstroke, and paint can make or break the deal. For a glamorous outcome, we meticulously apply a 9 Step Painting Process. Whether it be the interior walls, exterior walls, fencing, ceilings, decking, warehouses, pipes, offices, or stores, whatever it is, you name it, and we paint it!

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Colours are the mirrors that reflect the nature of the building and its people. We believe and highly respect this statement. Your personal touch ignites a building’s personality, lightening up people’s mood and impression. Whether you have some ideas or questions regarding your house or office’s makeup, do not fret; we will accommodate it all. Our quality assurance team will interact with you at every step, readily available to answer your queries.


Pleasing our valuable customers is our motto; we work our fingers to the bone for a smooth and delightful journey of painting your world. We take pride in our outstanding results and cooperate with our customers to ensure their satisfaction with the job. Our quality assurance team pays visits and coordinates with the clients to provide a quality paint job. The painting team’s punctuality, ethics, and productivity must be on point and checked under the QA department. We are always available and flexible for your needs.


Sydney, one of the world’s most beautiful metropolis, is home to magnificent dwellings and edifices. Undoubtedly the title doesn’t come easy. However, it shook the real estate business in Sydney, skyrocketing the property rates over the years. Worth Doing Worth Dulux have a few tricks up our sleeves for you to stay above the market. It’s a well-known fact in the real estate business that an expert paint job can elevate the value of your place. We will provide you with a splendid outlook or makeup that will render others speechless, enticing them all.