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Whether to hide the accumulated nicks and dings or a pocket-friendly revamp, painting is always a welcomed change. A paint job has more to offer than what meets the eye. Fresh paint soothes the soul and heart and protects your place from the glaring sun and sneaky water. A professional company of competent painting services that doesn’t dent your bank account is icing on the cake. There is plenty of fish in the sea; the painting industry is no different. However, the question is; how to pick the tastiest one?

Entrusting your valued asset to someone has never been an easy task, even for painting. The right one is capable of rejuvenating your building and its market value. On the contrary, the wrong painting company endangers the benefits you may otherwise acquire. It’s a common question among customers which require our guidance. Rest assured, here are all the answers to ensure your excellent painting experience.


The most predominant part, explore your pockets and plan a budget before exploring your contractor options. Your budget will determine the materials, quality, project scale, and time required to initiate the painting project.

Also, beware of the low fees tags. They scream inferior quality products and inexperienced workers while you may forget low money, poor quality remains. Save yourself from swindlers as well, whose “luxury services” are exorbitant hidings for overcharges. Look for a painting company that offers quality paints and techniques for a mid-range, reasonable price.


Arranging a meeting with your potential painting company will give you insights into their working ethics and a chance to check a few things, preventing hasty decisions and future regrets. Note the things like their knowledge of surfaces or paints, similar jobs, and punctuality. Utilise the opportunity and ask them questions for a better decision.


How long is your business experience?

Can you please provide three recent clients references?

Are you insured and licenced?

What are your recommended best and affordable products for this project?

What kind of paints do you use?


Low VOC (Volatile organic compounds)

Non-slip coatings


Would you bring the paints and other supplies?

Do you hire employees or subcontractors as your team?

Do you proffer a warranty on your work?

What is the expected timeline?

Do I hire maids, or you tidy up after finishing?

How do you properly prepare surfaces?


Thoroughly check the quote to find out what does it include or exclude. Expect the following:

work scope

paints sequence

An estimated time limit of paint

Preparation specifications

The number of coats,

products types of paints, primer, etc

payment schedule, and

the quality guarantees.

Reputable expert painters possess the right products, tools, and paints to guarantee a quality result. The quotations might not be cheap; however, they are pretty reasonable. Therefore, do not fall for the cheapest quote.

Carefully read the contract before signing and recheck the timings, payment schedule and any specific conditions in the agreement.


If you are satisfied and happy with the overall paint job, pay it forward by your referrals or leaving testimonials posts on official websites.

At Worth Doing Worth Dulux, we ensure all these provisions for a joyful painting journey and customer satisfaction. Though our website contains all the answers to your questions, we still look forward to reviewing them with you.

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